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3 Best Ways to Pick a Social Media Marketing Company That Will Make Your Business More Money! 💰

The most interesting part about the marketing industry today is that Social Media has changed the game of business growth completely. Small to medium-sized businesses or brands can become viral giants in the span of a few months. It isn’t about just throwing a plain commercial on a TV spot or billboard and hoping for the best anymore.  It’s all about understanding how to do the most with the attention and insanely targeted advertising that Facebook, Google or Instagram can bring.

This is similar to that moment when the modern day television started being distributed in homes across America in the 60’s and watching shows as a family was common. The companies that moved quickly and advertised early had no idea the level of exposure they were receiving and the proof only came later, when sales skyrocketed. So with all this opportunity… how do you know how to pick the right social media marketing agency for your company or brand?

1.Do they have proof of making the client’s money actual money?💰

The biggest giveaway when figuring out if an agency or marketer can help you is if they have solid proof they are willing to share without blurring anything related to its success. An example below is of one of our clients that is in the fitness and health industry selling a physical product. In the last 30 days they spent about $398.98 on Facebook/Instagram Ads and made $4,708.48 profit with our help.

We have an open door policy at our agency that allows our clients to see the entire process and any details concerning their campaign at any point. Any agency that hesitates to show you previous campaigns or any real proof is probably one that has no idea what they are doing and will most likely render you a negative return on your investment. The next photo below is from a client that we generate monthly leads for in the automotive industry. The client has been with us for over a year – so needless to say… he is pretty happy with the quality and quantity of the leads being generated every month!

2.Do they have an open portfolio of past work? 💼

Make sure you look into some of their past campaigns to easily see if they have the creative eye needed to market your brand correctly. Even though creative work is subjective, great work can easily be spotted . Selling through social media is dependent on two major things: The ability to understand the technical side of Facebook, Google or Instagram ads & the creative work being displayed inside the actual ads. 

Building your brand has a lot more to do with how you tell your story, depending on the platform, and less about general fancy pictures or videos. This is exactly why we do everything in-house at The Wolf. It helps sync the content creativity with the actual goal of the company we are serving.

3. Do they have your best interest in mind or are they just trying to sell you the best product for their margin?📊

Do you really need SEO, Social Media Posts, Facebook & Instagram plus e-mail marketing? In a perfect world, yes. Now for a majority of business owners, they can only afford to advertise in one avenue and the one they choose will make or break them. This is why a correct recommendation can make the world of a difference and save tons of money.

Would your perfect customer search for your service on Google and not need any visual content to make a decision? Then you should run Google search ads.

Are a majority of your customers young? Instagram or Snapchat advertising might be the best route.

Do you sell a physical product that you have built a massive e-mail list for? An e-mail marketing campaign would do wonders for you.

When a marketer or agency is pushing for you to take their recommended route, ask clearly why they made that choice. Some agencies will only pick the route that gives them the best margin, such as TV or Google banner ads, not what’s best for your company or niche. I honestly believe part of the reason that our clients stay with us for such long periods aside from performance, is that there is a real level of trust in our recommendation and this allows for changes/optimizations to be made quickly.

At the end of the day, any real Social Media Marketing company should only be fully focused on one main belief: helping your business grow in the most cost efficient way possible. Tons of impressions, likes and reach are great but if you’re selling more of your product or service is ultimately the real metric that matters.💰

Truth is.. you are probably only a few Ads, Products, Funnels and Strategies away from doubling your Business.

Interested in a FREE 15 minutes social media strategy call? Get help from our experts here at The Wolf to determine how your company can start generating leads or selling more products through Social Media Marketing.

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-Giovanni Prieto