Instagram’s Smartest Update Since Instagram Stories is LIVE! (What you NEED to Know)

Instagram has just released one of the most unique/important updates since Instagram Stories and It’s kind of a big deal.

Have you ever had a collection of great pictures/videos from a Special Event, Vacation, or Moment and STRUGGLED to decide what the best piece of content you have might be? Everyone knows that creeping anxiety that fills the room when you are about to hit “post” with your final decision.

Does it display exactly what I want the world to see? Maybe I should just make a collage and fit in the best 3 or 4 pics that makes everything super small and impossible to correctly see.

OR… I can just spam my feed with back to back posts at the same time until everyone gets sick of seeing me in Cancun with friends and unfollows me.

Everyone take a deep breath… this is officially a problem of the past. From here on out… When you post a picture or video on Instagram – you have the option to post MULTIPLE pictures and videos within the same Instagram post. You will be able to see all the posted pictures within a post by simply scrolling to the left on it – which in an odd way is very intuitive.

Now I understand, this can sound quite confusing… so I will simplify it.

What they are now basically allowing you to do is create “mini albums” within each Instagram post. Picture it like the photo/video albums you have on Facebook. The difference is that on Instagram these are INSIDE each Instagram post.

It’s crazy and actually pretty cool in terms of how it might change things in the Instagram world. Personally I saw this as an amazing chess move by Instagrams team, because having more content within each post will in turn increase the amount of time each person spends on a new Instagram post they see on their feed. This will also increase the amount of engagement every person might get on their post as it creates more depth and its just a win/win all around.

So if you want to increase your chances of getting more likes & comments on each of your instagram posts – Which deep down most of us do… take advantage of this new feature quickly!

Bravo Instagram… Bravo. One step closer to dominating the Social Media game AND slowly showing the folks over at Snapchat that they are in some serious trouble.

Thats it for this week.

-Giovanni P.