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New Snapchat Update

Snapchat Update

Snapchat Update

Earlier this month, Snapchat rolled out their Snapchat Update introducing a number of new features for users to enjoy. The new Snapchat update includes graphic lenses, a modification to the emoji friends feature, and a trophies section. The new lenses seem to be getting quite a bit of attention for their bizarre graphics, flowing rainbow vomit, for example is one sense that instantly took the internet by storm.

The Lenses how does this work?

Interactive selfie-technology works with detection of your actual movement to produce the lenses. Lenses are said to be switched out and updated, attracting users into the app and keeping them from getting bored of the same lenses. Example – for one of the current lenses Snapchat will prompt you to raise an eyebrow, the technology detects your facial expression and morphs you into an aged version of yourself. Another update prompts you to open your mouth, transforming you into a monster. The Lenses Snapchat update is making a big splash in the media world.



With the new Snapchat update users can take a another view of those snaps that you need a double-take for. The feature is a package of three views for 99 cents. This one may be too divergent from what the app was intended to do for users. The idea of one time photos and videos that were limited to one view and never to be seen again attracted millions of users to become snap-addicts. Hence the ghost logo.

Snapchat Update


Trophies are another part of the update located above the camera. Trophies are emoji reward badges that signify your achievements and milestones in the app. Send 1000 snaps using the front-facing camera, and receive a devil emoji trophy; use five different colors while animating your message- receive a lollipop emoji, and so forth. The trophies snapchat update is another incentive to make the user feel more engaged in their snap-tivity.

Where is Snapchat going with their updates?

With each new snapchat update, the app seems to be evolving more and more into something a little bit different than the previous editions. Snapchat started with a low-quality camera and basic picture messaging that disappeared forever after a few seconds of viewing. The concept was exciting and mysterious, drawing in millions of users to join the movement. As the updates bring new features Snapchat’s network continues to grow. Snapchat updates keep users entertained and thus drawn to continue using the app. For more details on the new Snapchat Update.