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Client Success Stories


Mia-Fitness came to Social Wolf Media as a small Instagram influencer in the fitness space located in South Florida. His income generated from his programs and the online space, in general, was only a very small fraction of his general yearly take home.

He came to Social Wolf Media and basically asked for the complete white glove service in terms of building him a platform to not only sell his programs but also properly put people through a sales funnel designed to sell more of his products! Then of course get some juicy ads that make people click & buy.

Now let's get to the nitty-gritty, you came here for ad results right and what the sales funnels we designed did for him! He now has a full-time fitness business that runs through his brand.

As always, the screenshots seen below are ours & we only blur out the content because he is still currently using the ads we are showing.

*Before us, he was selling his programs directly through Instagram direct messages.

**Now keep in mind a few details. The Facebook pixel does not track everything perfectly. There is still around $25,000 to $50,000 in sales that were not tracked. This also does not include sales made through Paypal that includes around another $40,000+. The time period here is over the past year and a half.

Now, what do his results from some of the ads we created look like? Feel free to see below! Here is just a test of two of them.

*$597.70 spent - $4,615 made.

Now. you may be asking yourself "Hey this is GREAT! but I want to see the ads, can I see the ads".

Sadly, we cannot show you the ads because a year later... they are still being used!

We will share our ad with the next case study seen below!

Eat Me Guilt-Free

Eat Me Guilt-Free is a health/fitness e-commerce based food business who came to us looking to run successful ads that will actually convert their potential customers into buyers!  After a few rounds of testing different ads they had ordered we came across a REAL big winner.

$920.61 Spent - $17,174.83

**Now it is important to note that EMGF had great results from the start but nothing compared to the final 2 ads that really created the big bang! They tested over 5 different ads with us and this allowed them to continually improve their campaigns with our help. This is at the heart of true advertising! Not aimless testing but treating it like a real science mixed with a bit of art.  

Iconic Mortgage

Now that we have shown you two different cases of selling physical and digital products. This last success story is with a large mortgage company we worked with down here in South Florida. They had spent too much money in the past and had almost lost hope in the idea of online advertising through Social Media. They decided to give Social Wolf Media a try. They asked for witty ads that helped generate leads and well It's safe to say we can't show you the work we did for them because it is still working! They also work with us till this day.

Luckily we did get a great snapshot of just ONE ad campaign in the analytics portion of their Facebook ads :)

They not only ordered our video ads pack but also had us write the copy for all their landing pages used for advertising.

**Important note: The average cost of lead generation within the mortgage industry is between $25 to $40. We were able to help this wonderful company obtain leads for an average price of around $9 to $10.

The average cost per lead: $9.14

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