Flying Academy


Flying Academy is a respectable flight school based out of Czech Republic that was looking to expand in the U.S. They did very well for themselves in Eastern Europe but sought advice from Social Wolf Media on how we could help them penetrate the U.S. market. Their primary objective was to fill up their newly purchased flight school in Miami, FL with fresh young faces ready to become pilots. To make this happen, we had to hyper target potential students and pre-qualify them before capturing their information to pass onto their flight training coordinators. Combining professional video testimonials plus Google and Social Media ads, Social Wolf Media was able to attract new students from afar, even those that lived on the West Coast! Thanks to the implementation of our digital ad strategy and Flying Academy’s willingness to trust in us, their new success in Miami led to the opening of another flight school location in California less than a year later while working with us.

what we did

Photography / Videography / Aerial Drone Footage / Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads / Social Media Management