Ladies and Gentlemen: A huge wave of change is upon us!

Unless you have been living under a rock this past month…
You have probably heard of “Dj Khaled”, “Gary Vaynerchuck” and Snapchat. Snapchat is easily looking to take the reigns from Instagram in 2016 as the new Social Media King. It started out as an app that basically allowed you to exchange pictures, which would get instantly deleted after a 10-second mark. At first, there were many doubts about its potential for growth but that has long been forgotten now after some well planned updates.

The Move That Made Snapchat The

Snapchats “Play of the Year” came in an unexpected way. They call it “My Story”.
It’s a section within the application that allows users to post pictures/videos in chronological order that delete after 24 hours. It gives a perfect balance for the insane short attention span we are all slowly developing, thanks Social Media! You experience always-fresh content that gives you the perspective of another person’s life as they live it. They are given the opportunity to display opinions, views, character and basically every side of their personality.


SnapChatAuthenticity Alongside Transparency. Major Key!

Over the last few weeks, slowly, a wave of gossip started going around the internet about a Hip/Hop producer that had the “best Snapchat stories”. After a Snapchat stories compilation of the Producer went viral — that was the moment Dj Khaled became a household name. I quickly added “DjKhaled305” as a friend on Snapchat to dissect his winning formula over a few days.

Once you sit through a few days worth of Dj Khaleds Snapchat life — it is easy to see how Snapchat has ENORMOUS potential to help followers relate to him easier and feel like they are a part of his life. This in turn, translates into making it easier to purchase things from Dj Khaled or his parent brand.

Dj Khaled is able to sprinkle on the perfect amounts of Character, Motivation, and Humor that is an ideal winning combination for the platform.


Why Did the Formula Work for Dj Khaled but Not Others?

This is not to say that those things are all you need to succeed in Snapchat. I truly believe Khaled is able distinguish himself not only because of those traits but because he also is being transparent and authentic in every sense. He gives you the feeling that who you are really

watching IS Dj Khaled. Not the fabricated image his sponsors  or his management might want.

You can view a snapshot of his late December View Count and some suggest the estimated value of an advertisement on DJ Khaleds account would be around $50,000 to $60,000 per post. He has made a massive impact in the Snapchat world indefinitely and will probably go down as one of the early pioneers that pushed the platform to the mainstream forefront.


The Business Snapchat King

Now Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee on Snapchat) had been iterating for months that he saw Snapchat with huge business potential for anything ranging from personal branding to business networking.

He in my opinion, has converted himself into the Dj Khaled of the Business Snapchat world with the simple twist of adding entrepreneurial and advertising advice.

Following his simple model of giving tons of value in exchange for the “right hook” once in a while(asking for something from his followers).

Gary is known to have been right in similar decisions in his career, A LOT actually — so it is no surprise that he has found early success on the platform. While Dj Khaled is able to provide entertainment to the young masses, Gary took the older business world by storm fusing young and older audiences into his fan base. With all of his followers equally yearning to build a powerful brand of their own and hopefully have some of Garys charisma rub off on them.


What Does All of This Mean?

Snapchat is meant for producing frequent, entertaining content that has a sense of authenticity within it — a simple fusion between Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. The two examples above give you excellent outlines of two different directions you can take your Snapchat brand towards.

Remember, authenticity is crucial, so you should lean towards whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. It is easy to see when someone is faking or forcing it. People want to be able to look into your Snapchat and feel like they are getting some extra insight into your entire world.

Provide them that with real value — whether entertainment or business wise and you will notice how much more powerful 500 die hard followers on Snapchat can be. This compared to 5000 on Instagram who barely have any idea of who you are and will probably not buy your product or service.