Social Media Agency VS Employee

Social Media Agency : Cost, Cost, Cost & Some Hidden Work 

Truth is – It doesn’t take a genius to realize you will be saving TONS of money, work & headaches hiring a Social Media Agency to manage your social media needs. This compared to hiring a standalone Social Media Manager for your business as other companies might do currently. Now if that’s the case, why don’t more people just do what’s obvious?

Simply put, they just don’t realize the actual cost of everything laid out. The Average Salary ranges for a Social Media Managers are around $45,000 to $62,000 dollars per year. On the other end of the of the spectrum, most Social Media Agencies charge around $1000 to $3000 per month to cover pretty much anything you would need. Signing up for a whole YEAR of service at $3000 dollars would only ring you up to about $36,000.

If we compare both high ends of the spectrum — it’s easy to see at face value how much money you are truly saving. We won’t even get into all the other loads of work most business owners know comes along with hiring a new employee.When You Hire an Agency, You’re Hiring a Team of Experts focused on your Brand only.

When You Hire an Agency, You’re Hiring a Team of Experts just for your brand.

Imagine a TEAM of people that spend 8 hours a day, week in and week out working in Social Media, tracking what’s evolving, what’s trending and what needs to be changed. Social Media is an ever-changing system that takes a complete set of not just experts but tools needed to maximize the potential it has for your brand.

A social media agency takes all of the guesswork out of how these social media management tools perform and only succeeds when clients do, they are putting their own brand on the line for your success. If a Social Media Manager gets fired they know they can just find hundreds of jobs elsewhere doing the same.You Will Receive High-Quality Custom Tailored Content for your Brand ONLY.


Social Media AgencyYou Will Receive High-Quality Custom Tailored Content for your Brand ONLY.

What would you say is the most indistinguishable valuable asset in Social Media Marketing Today? If you guessed original content, you’re right. In a world of Re-tweeting, Re-hashing and Re-posting — it’s no coincidence that any high-quality content found on the internet is quickly copied and respreads with the original content creator receiving tons of free press or mentions for it.

Original content is incredibly valuable and with a team of people devoted to creating original content for your brand, how could you go wrong. It’s easy to see how much better that can be managed with a team compared to one person trying to do so many essential things that are needed for companies to stand out in 2016.

Last but Not Least(Final Notes)

At the end of the day a Social Media Agency can help hold your business in a spotlight that maximizes the voice and content you would want to reflect onto your customers/clients. Many uninformed companies don’t give any of this much thought and it only ends up hurting the company way more than any CEO could have expected. We are in an age where one great post or viral video can send a company into the stratosphere overnight. Make sure you aren’t wasting this opportunity.