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How Will Original Social Media Content Impact Your Brand?

How Will Original Social Media Content Impact Your Brand?

What is all the hype about original social media content? Content that is original, well-written, and relevant for the reader makes all the difference. That seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? But what is the true importance of original content when it comes writing for your blog or website? There is countless amounts of content on the world wide web, so the objective is to grab the attention of readers and keep it. Originality will bring you two important things- shares and value. Originality keeps readers coming back for more. If the content is ripped off from someone else, it’s likely that your reader may have read it before, and will lose interest immediately. Original content provides unmatchable value, something worth reading all the way through and showing others. Search engines don’t like unoriginal content just as much as readers do. The less original content you create, the less you will be noticed on the world wide web and ranked by search engines as-well.

Social Media Content

Know Your Reader

Who are you writing to anyways? What kind of questions might they have about your product that can’t be answered anywhere else, or at least not as well as you can explain it. Knowing your reader is another way to be able to connect with them. Readers like to relate to others and recognize themselves from another’s point of view. By taking all of these things into consideration, you will separate yourself from the others. Know the market first, then create the content for it. Original social media content will show loyalty and dedication to your own brand.

How Does Originality Put You on Top?

The importance of original content is that it is fresh and insightful. Readers typically look for one of two things – entertainment or vital information. Content that is funny because it is true, content that teaches them something they didn’t know before they came across your article, content that is worth hitting the share button- this is the importance of original content writing. Take Buzzfeed for example, well known for their quirky content. Why does it work so well? Their content is original and fresh. Articles that capture millions for their creativity and originality.


Readers and consumers will recognize you based on originality on the formulas and vital points explained above. Was it helpful to them in a way that someone else wasn’t it? Was it inspiring? Originality is based on these qualities. Search engines will also notice and rank you lightyears faster than most other strategies for original social media content. The importance of original content is how well you will be found or never found at all. So be sure to make sure your content is worthy of your reader’s time because no one looks forward to the re-runs.

Give them something they will remember.

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