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Original Creative Content From Some of The Biggest YouTube Stars for Subscribers Only.

YouTube RedYouTube’s  sleeping giant has been released and will be offering their new subscription service to it’s US viewers while it is working on expanding YouTube Red to more countries later on. The monthly membership is set to cost $9.99 per month and will include some features that YouTube viewers have long been awaiting. Finally, there will be no more ads interrupting your video streaming! That’s right, now we are able to watch movies on YouTube and it won’t take an extra metaphorical hour of our time due to the constant ads. Another cool thing about YouTube Red is that now you don’t have to miss out on playing your favorite YouTube videos because it is compromising the use of your phone. YouTube viewers will be able to let their videos stream on their mobile device while keeping the video minimized.

The new Youtube Subscription service is available for use on all of your devices when signing into YouTube. Some consumers are arguing that these things such as the obsessive ads during movies and being able to use your phone while playing a video at the same time, should already be a part of regular YouTube service and are disputing it. But let’s see, YouTube says that’s not all they have to add and that this is just the beginning.


YouTube Red

YouTube Red developers have mentioned that they are still working on features that might be seen coming out as early as the beginning of 2016. YouTube Red’s Original Series is in the works for the membership as well. Last year, it was announced that some of the biggest YouTuber’s were collaborating with YouTube to develop creative projects that would include series and movies, made exclusively for YouTube. This might fall into the interest of those diehard YouTube fans out there.

YouTube Red is also designed to give subscribers instant access to Google Play Music. So when you sign up for membership with YouTube Red, you will gain simultaneous membership to Google Play Music. YouTube Music will also be integrated with your membership. YouTube Music will work to help users discover music easily by providing an abundant index of music and artists to discover. Just one feature that might not really scream “Gotta have it!”, especially since most people already have Spotify or other music discovering apps that do this really well, for free.

Still not sure if $10 per month is worth a membership for YouTube? Don’t forget that starting TODAY YouTube users can activate their free one month trial, so make sure to get yours and try YouTube Red for free before deciding to subscribe!